How to model a motorcycle in Solidworks?

Dear all,

For one of my lectures I have to draw a Harley Davidson motorcyle. The part in my hands is the rear rim, blinker and other rear parts. I downloaded a drawing from the library to guide me (that of Dear Nikola Karov, Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider).

As I have never used any CAD software before, I'm struggling at the beginning. My question is, how do I start and proceed? How can I see how an individual part has been drawn? I'd be glad if you guys can help me out.

Regards :)

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What sort of course requires someone to design parts of a motorcycle when they have never used CAD?

You are heading in the right direction by seeing how the parts were made by somebody else, but before you can make your own parts you'll need to figure out how to use the CAD software.

I'd start with the Tutorials built into the SolidWorks help menu. You need to know how to make sketches, extrusions, cuts, revolves, patterns, sweeps, lofts, surface bodies....

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You have downloaded an excellent model. I would say it is a little too much for a beginner.. You can proceed as below:

1. Download all the files and extract the zip files and make sure they are all in the same folder.
2. Open the file "harley-davison". It is the Assembly file. See the image below.
3. Once you open you should see the feature tree on the left side of the Solidworks screen. If not press "F9" to see it.
4. Now simply click on the part you want to inspect and open part/edit part.
5. You can see the steps on the feature tree.
6. You the "Rollback" feature to see the entire modelling process from the beginning. The Rollback bar is usually at the end of the features. (See image)

You can also view the individual parts directly by opening them from the downloaded files too.

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