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How to model a nuclear power plant??

By Hans de Ridder on 17 Mar 20:13 11 answers 2603 views 13 comments

Since energy is getting more and more expensive I am designing a nuclear power plant for in my back garden. How do I do this in Solidworks.
Is there anybody who can help me with this...

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  • William
    William over 4 years ago

    //Hono Hans you gona go all radial active on us LoL'ss
    Step one - Kidnap a Nuclear engineer
    Step Two - Hire some terrorists to steal you the materials
    Step Three - Put in a request on GrabCAD to have others model it for you
    Step Four - Kidnap Homer simpson from the cartoon to run the station for you
    Step Five - If you want I shall do a tutorial


  • Hans de Ridder
    Hans de Ridder over 4 years ago

    Thank you all for your help....I humbly have to appologize for this stupidious question, but I got so irritated by all the Stupid Questions by so called engineers who ask us to do their work..."How to model a radio, how to design a car, how to model a engine, how to work with inventor...etc, etc.
    I always believed the Q&A section was for serious questions and advise but now I'm not so sure anymore.....(How to be an engineer..)

    PS: As soon as I have finished the model of the power plant I will post it...

    @ Jeff. I finaly found the roof of my imagination and skills, sorry it isn't any higher...
    @William. step 1,2 and 3 easy...but step 4 will cause me difficulties...
    can I replace homer with spongebob?? haha.
    @Stephen. Step by step is the beginning of a chain reaction....

    signing off with greetzzz....(roger.roger)


  • Stephen Nyberg
    Stephen Nyberg over 4 years ago

    Just take it one part at a time and you will be surprised what you can accomplish on your own. ;)

  • maarten weidema
    maarten weidema about 4 years ago

    damned, i was realy intrested in doing this, but its a joke :(

  • nigel perrett
    nigel perrett about 4 years ago

    go solar its easier but needs a big back yard
    we do solar panels and an inverter system here in Queensland Australia
    put them all over the roof and subsidise our power bills. I f you have enuf the power company pay you

  • maarten weidema
    maarten weidema about 4 years ago

    i prefer the tesla coil ;)

  • nigel perrett
    nigel perrett about 4 years ago

    there's some great tesla stuff on youtube mate

  • Sourbh
    Sourbh about 4 years ago

    Little Agree with Tesla Coil But its not a permanent solution.
    And Also The Solar Panel working only at Sunny days.

    If Three or four day continuously raining is there means ...!!!!!!

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