How to model a persian or arabic Tar (Musical Instrument) in solidworks

I am having very hard time modeling this tar, any help on it is greatly appreciated.
attached are the pictures of this Tar.
Length is about 30 Cm
Width is about 25 at the back end and about 15 at front end
The Height is about 18 Cm


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2 Answers

An STL is not very helpful, but you can import this into SolidWorks as a starting point: tar
It would help form the overall shape and proportions as the model is built around the imported file.

I doubt the two photos would be enough to accurately recreate the model, but looking at what you have, and a few online images, the first shape that comes to mind is a (truncated) motorcycle fuel tank.
If you look at some of the existing SolidWorks fuel tanks in the library:
I think you'd be able to duplicate the process to end up with a good looking Tar.

A 2nd option, which is maybe not as ideal, but "close enough", and comes with the benefit of video tutorials, is to see some of the computer mouse tutorials on YouTube. The basic shape is similar, and you'll want to make use of tools like boundary, and loft:

I think once you get started, it will be easier to guide you along a good path by reviewing your model. If you upload it here, we can see where things are going right (or wrong).

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Hi there,

You may wan to try john fall (John Fall). We developed a barbat (Ud) a few years ago together. He has some experience and he is great when it comes to details.
Also - Tar is only Persian. It has never been adopted by Arabs, although the Turkic people have welcomed a number of Persian instruments.

Good Luck

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