how to model a power strip in solidworks ?

what are the most commonly used features in solidworks to model a power strip ,
and what is the best starting point .

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I would start with a side sketch of the body(left face on you picture) and do a Mid-Plane Extrude along the width.This gives me a centered body on the origin and alow me for better rotation/inspection. Then, i would start cutting/extruding small features from this body until i get the desired shape.And finaly apply some Fillets to make it look nice and round as is in your picture.

The more complicated approach would be to disassemble the strip(if posible) and create each component individually and then create an assembly of the final model, but this would have a more complex appproach and you would be using extra features such as Ribs and Sweeps probably.

Of course that depends on what you plan on doing with the model afterwards.

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