How to model a Pringle / Tongue / Hyperbolic Paraboloid-esque shape on a model?

I have the compontent for a water-feature I was designing as part of my university course. It's quite a simple design, created with a handful of loft cuts, revolves and extrudes.

It's probably evidence of a lack of planning, but I've been trying to model a 'tongue' like feature on the back of the rim, similar to that in the side-by-side screenshot (which I hastily created as an exported .stl mesh in Blender to better explain my intention! [ignore the slightly dodgy polygons])
The idea being almost as if the back has been softened and pressed from the rim.

The difficulty I've had (apart from the general shape) is keeping it all as one component with flush, tangent edges: there's so much happening on multiple axes and it's starting to give me a headache :l
I tried removing a portion of the back and remodelling with lofts and 3D sketches but keeping everything as one seamless join is proving absolutely horrific.

Anyone have the faintest idea how to do this, or maybe recommend a tutorial before my brain melts out of my ears? (I have no problems with completely starting over if I'm on the complete wrong track with this method :D...)

Literally if my brief Solidworks knowledge is anywhere near accurate, I've probably been trying different methods for the best part of 7 hours when there's some super-easy method I've never even heard of; that or there's an obvious way of doing it and I just needed to view my product differently :p

Many, Many thanks!

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You were probably trying to make solids huh? Something like this, it's usually better to start with surfaces. Then knit - thicken - make solid.

I didn't have any dimensions. So it's probably way off. But if you follow the tree, I hope I was able to show you some tricks.

Let me know if this helps

PS - start to finish was less than 15 minutes :-)

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