how to model a product with many parts in Catia v5 using a conventional laptop or pc?

Sometimes when I model assemblies in CATIA V5 if the number of parts is more than 60 or 70 then my laptop become slow and i can not work with the assembly.
On the other hand I know that a very huge assembly like a car or airplane can be modeled in CATIA... How is it possible?

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my laptop in work place = 2gb ram, 2.53 ghz core 2 due cpu and 32 bit operating system.

i can open 1900 part (i see this numbers when they are loading).

Catia has some installations piece by piece for big assemblies. One of them is cgr (catia graphical represent) mode. And there is also load unload properties. If you google these you will find some answers for big models.

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A nice way to work with many parts is to use ref parts (referent parts). BMW is using this method. It is easy, if you want to know more about it let me know.

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Well that is because huge assemblies are usually opened on professional CAD workstations and our laptops can barely handle high config. games ;) You can go to tools > options > Infrastructure > Product Infrastructure >Product Visualization, and check "Do not activate default shapes on open". Then when you will open assembly it will be BLANK only spec tree. Will be open in 2 seconds. Then you can activate the parts you want to work on...

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