How to model a revolver grip in Solidworks

I'm a newbie in Solidworks and need some help making a revolver grip in Solidworks. It's going to be milled on a cnc.

Is loft the best way to go? Surfaces?

The contour and a pic of the old grip is attached.

Any help is appreciated.

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3 Answers

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and see how he does it. your on the right track with your drawing. I wouldn't bother with loft. just extrude and fillet until you like it. have fun..

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Thank you Jeff. I tried using fillets off the bat, but I didn't quite achive the shape and accuracy I was looking for. Beeing that I have to machine about a hundered pcs I need it to have minimal finishing needs.

I partly figured it out using loft and guide curves.

Thank you.

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