How to model a scale aircraft model in SolidWorks?

Using 3-views and sections? I mean other type af aircraft (like de Bf109, Extra 300), not airliners.

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I'd insert the image, scale it, and trace over it for each of the fuselage bulkheads. (Start a new part, new sketch, Tools menu, Sketch tools, sketch picture). Extrude for form solids.
Use the Move/Copy command (Insert menu, Features) to position them correctly.

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Thanks, I know this one. My problem is with the fuselage.

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Thank you! In the meantime, I've done some models using the same technique you are using, more or less.
Anyway, you are doing a great job with the tutorial. I could find only one tutorial like this on youtube (free) and it has some 20something parts. It's a IL-2 and the SW is set on Russian.
Thanks again and keep up the good work !!!

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