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how to model a screw in solidworks ?

By juan felipe rincon franco on 30 Oct 02:47 3 answers 0 comments

hello guys i'm a new user of solid works, i just need some help to model a screw because it has a little inclination at the end so, i know that i need two spirals, but in the second spiral i don't know witch profile i need to complete the operation.
my teacher said that i have to add material with the operation cover, but i really don't know. please help me, i attached the piece. thank you very much for your time.


Pieza 23.SLDPRT, 580 KB

3 answers

  • trinityscsp
    trinityscsp about 3 years ago

    Look for "solidwoks screw thread" on Youtube, there are several tutorials to choose from.

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