How to model a solid model of a car in NX or Inventor?

Hi, I need a solid model of a car because then I will get the "G code" to actually get the model with a CNC machine. The car will need to be in scale, probably the final dimension will need to be like an avarage toy.

The problem is that I can't do such thing, already tried with Autodesk Inventor, but I am too noob for it. I also have available NX 7.5 Which software do you think is better for my purpuse?

Also, the most important, do you know of a good and detailed tutorial to draw the car in any of both softwares? I need something like this but much slower.

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I'm not a car modeling expert but, as far as I know it, a solid model will be a pain in the *** becouse a car have too much organic forms (thing you cant perform easily on solids). Even SolidWorks models are made with surfaces. I tried once modeling a solid car... believe me mate, it looked like a wood toy "flintstones style". A good way to do that is using Rhinoceros or Alias, but both are surface based. Good luck mate!

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