How to model a spiral staircase

I'm a final year student and I'm a beginner CATIA user. I've watched videos on youtube but it is far from understandable. Anyone has the detailed guide about this?

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Its me again friend, I found this 3D model, on the web page, you can see Deeply, try to analize how was it made, and let me know if you have comments, afortunately have some history in the tree, for you analize. Let me know if you can open it.

Have a good day,

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Hi friend, good morning!!!

Hope you are having a great day, first I can reccomended you to learn very well the catia commands, you can search the commands in the portal web in google, Fortunately there are much information about catia commands, explain you how it works the commands, because that information will give you more tools to design, and have more ideas, to model whatever piece.

Because on this spiral staircase desing, you will need to use surfaces, and solids. Try to learn everyday five commands, and other day 5 commands, and you will reinforce your knowledge. Try to do that, step by step, that will help you.

By the way, whatever comments, suggestions, explanations, they are welcome.

Another way that I can reccomended you is about your comment, you told us, that you watched videos on youtube portal thats good friend. but If you have in your computer the software installed I mean catia, and if you have access to the youtube portal web, try to see the video again and after that, try to make it on catia, that form its much better, I did that before, when I was learning catia.

Another comment if you have any question, try to send us a snapshot or picture about you catia issue, because its more easily for most of us understand the issue, and we can help you.

Have a good day,

I hope my comment had help you.

Any comment they're welcome.


Hugo Alanis.

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