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how to model a stretchable tube in catia

By vinod on 02 Jan 04:48 2 answers 497 views 0 comments

its dimension has to vary with respect to the motion of the movable ends

2 answers

  • Hotze
    Hotze over 3 years ago

    You can use formulae. I've done this with springs. The lenght of the springs is equal to the distance between the two limits (for expample, two flat surfaces). When defining the parameter (in this case, lenght) you have to select the option "measure between" (secondary button), and then use the measure tool as usual.

  • Hotze
    Hotze over 3 years ago

    Note: the shape and size of this flexible part (spring, tube, whatever) will not uptdate automatically. You need to click the update icon, then the part will change.

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