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How to model a wind tunnel in SolidWorks?

By Andreas Panayiotou on 30 Oct 00:56 2 answers 1 comment

What are the most commonly used features in SolidWorks to model a wind tunnel and what is the best starting point?

2 answers

    DIEGO SILVA almost 4 years ago

    have a look: Sonda posicionada em uma secção do túnel de vento

    In my opinion the best start is to begin by the section of the tunnel and then you begin to design the other parts!
    I think it is always better simplify the model and then make a assembly!

    You can always find real photos on line and take as example for your model!

    Hope it help you to begin your model!

    Have a good job!

  • Aled J Taylor
    Aled J Taylor almost 4 years ago

    Is your ultimate aim to manufacture a wind tunnel or do you want to simulate testing something as if it were in a wind tunnel?

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