How to model a worm ( perpetual screw) with variable pitch in SolidWorks?

I need to model a worm with variable pitch (pitch came to zero !!) in SW 2012.
I can model worm with constant pitch.
I can model worm with variable pitch but:
when pitch is going under some value the operation is not succesful.....-
I add 4 pictures:
1. oryginal worm that i must to model
2. worm with constant pitch - operation OK
3. worm witch variable pitch - operation OK
4. error window when helix modified - pitch came to small values.

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2 Answers

i don't think you can do this in one operation. you will get error when cutting path will overlap self. one solution is to make variable pitch until you will get overlapping and after that add few more cuts with only half of revolution. see attached picture

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Thanks Tomasz Nicinski it realy works. It should be done in few operations!

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