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How to model airplane in catia?

By Tom Hanks on 21 Jun 14:11 6 answers 4847 views 14 comments

what is the regular process?

6 answers

  • Rahul Singh Dhari
    Rahul Singh Dhari about 3 years ago

    There are two ways. 1- Solid Modeling 2-Surfaces which can be done using Generative shape design and many other ways which i may not be aware of.

    As Far as starting is concern, I always prefer starting with Nose cone, then fuselage, wings, tail and cockpit.

    You can even start with Wings then follow up. Just be comfortable with what you start.

  • sundaram
    sundaram almost 3 years ago

    simply use imagine and shape module to draw the fuselage... that is just like a china clay modeling.... you can drag any face in any manner.....


    chhhhhhhhhhh.bmp, 2.38 MB
  • Zaheer  Ali
    Zaheer Ali 22 days ago

    How to design an aircraft without blueprints please provide an video

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