How to model an aerofoil using coordinates in Solidworks?

This is a simple tutorial although it illustrates how to use an unsual but very useful sketch tool (Curve trough XYZ points) in Solidworks. For this tutorial I had chosen a CLARK Y profile. You have access to the aerofoil coordinates at the following website:

Link to the orginal CAD file:

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insert sketch picture works very well as well if you are not serious about integrating it to fly really! ;)

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I propose that when you make a curve , make a block and additional centerline that you can rotate a profile in desired position in sketch. Useful for CFD.

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plzz anyone tell me ,
how we can make a specific aerofiol e.g s809 using sketch picture. and a blade with multiple aerofiles.

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Hey David, Thank you for your sharing. But I have a problem. Solidworks doesn't accept this file. I don't include any column headings. SolidWorks is still "curves intersect" gives the error. Please help me.

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Can this be done in Autodesk Inventor?

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I got an airfoil coordinate system from a website and i would like to try plotting it, however i have a difficult time since solid works is rejecting it. Can you pls help me and here is the file

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