How to Model an aircraft in SolidWorks?

Modelling an aircraft in Solidworks.

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In this tutorial I will tell about how to model an aircraft in Solidworks. I have chosen SAAB Gripen JAS 39 for it.

Answered with a tutorial:

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If it is for a real model aircraft, then you should get your airfoils correct. (this is the most critical part to draw)

I lost my macro that draw all standard airfoils. Will look for it and post it here if I find it.

(Basically, the macro takes the airfoil coordinates from a authority aviation site, and used these coordinates to draw the airfoil. Offsetting these shapes and doing a loft extrusion between the shapes and a path, you end up with a solid part of the wing.

If this is just a foam cut, you CNC it from there, else, if you want to make ribs and beams etc, you will do object cuts from this objects, and some further work / part drawings.

Designing the flaps, linkages, stress areas, pivot joints, etc is a lot of work. If the plane is just a park flier, then quick-quick job, but if you designing a decent UAV, then get yourself ready for months behind the PC)

Start with the outline first. (Solid objects without details) (The Idea)
Once you get the above right. Start spitting it up in parts with more details. (1st draft)
After this start form scratch, doing the first engineering draft (Consider materials, stress, flow, etc) (beta 1)

Several steps after this. Consider manufacturing methods (don't design something which you need $1M dollars of tooling)

Good luck (you question was not very clear)

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