how to model and aircraft wing tip , winfsheild , canopy in catia

hi guys , I would really appreciate if anyone with an experience in modeling and building RC aircraft could help me how to model the wing tips of a piper cub j3 or the dome shape on most simple civil aircraft like cesna 172 , 182 and the windshields on a piper cub or cesna 172,182 on the canopy of warbirds like P-51 or the aerobatic planes like yak 54 or extra 300 I know a little GDS in catia but lack the command and technique to do such jobs .

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Hi Mr. Mohsen,
It's better that you should try first and ask for doubt.
The forum is not for fasten your work to someone else.

Thank you

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Dear Anuj
I'm not looking for some one to do a job for me ! I guess you have got me wrong big time. yet i would appreciate if people with experience and have done jobs like that could refer me to projects they have done before including those parts I have mentioned above. I have tried before and have done those in my own way yet i would like to have other ideas and methods. you could see my work in the attached file. would really appreciate if I could have your opinion there.
Than you.

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