How to model blade from 3D sketch?

Good day,

I have a problem with modeling (Loft) blade when I using 3D sketch (green one in screenshot). I receive a message about that Inventor can't do that.
If I use regular (2D sketch), everything is good... But I need 3D. It is possible to do that?

Thank you, and sorry for my English.

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3 Answers

I have noticed that when I make a loft from section in turn (of sketch):

2D -> 3D
2D -> 2D -> 3D
Then it works.

But when i did it like
2D - 3D - 2D
3D - 2D
It doesn't work.

I mean, 3D must be only one, and it have to be last section.

What do you think about it? This should be obtained. Once, my teacher showed how to do it.

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