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How to model car body-in-white in CATIA?

By Am Zura Abdullah on 22 Apr 14:50 3 answers 1751 views 4 comments

I am looking for tutorial to model a full-scale body-in-white structure in a CAD software. Since I am more familiar (but not so skillful) with CATIA, I hope I can find tutorial for CATIA. I will be very grateful if anyone can suggest me where to get this tutorial.
I tried to download a part sample from this Grabcad already, but I couldn't understand the step used.

3 answers

  • Hugo Alanis
    Hugo Alanis over 2 years ago

    Hi friend, what type of catia tutorial are you looking for?

    Explain me more about it,

    Because if you search in google, there many information, that you can find out about it, or another option you can find some catia videos in yout tube, try to do it, and let me know if you have succeded?

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