How to model complete skid package in inventor??

Can someone show me or explain how to model a complete skid package using inventor? This includes taking the pid and besically converting it to 3D and creating your equipment, piping, skid etc
I would really appreciate this!!

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2 Answers

How did you create the P&ID? If it is AutoCAD, you could import the drawing into Inventor to see the specified components. You could model / download the components that are required and then use the Tube & Pipe module in Inventor to create the piping within the skid. Finally you could use the BIM Exchange within Inventor to add the connectors for the piping that is going to interact with the models the skid is going to be placed into (AutoCAD Plant 3D, Revit, etc.)

Please let me know if this makes sense and feel free to contact me with any questions. Hope all is well and have a most blessed night!


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Pete thank you.
I have been playing with it last few days and starting to figure out some of the things and how to do them. PID that I am dealing with are not intelligent so I do no think they will do any good with inventor.

You tube helps too

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