How to model/design a car with integrated rotary wheels for selective laser sintering?

How to integrated wheels in the car body without any assembly process. I mean Manufacturing a car through rapid prototyping i.e., Selective Laser Sintering?

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I would do the following in a aprt or assembly -
Every feature or assembly of parts that you want toallow to rotate should not be directly connected to the feature it translating around.

Design the car as a hollowed out solid. Leave a hole in the base of the car to let the powder out aftersintering.
As a rule of thumb do this for all clsoed features.
Be sure to put an axle fron and back.
Then ensure the wheel has a hole through it at least 0.8mm clearance all round bigger that the axle. To locate the wheel you can have a design feature that tops it from traveling left and right no more than a millimeter each direction laterally.
All you need to make sure is that the powder can be blow away thuis giving the free space. If you cant clear out the powder thats not sintered then it wont work.

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