How to model dual pivot bicycle brakes in Google Sketchup?

Something like one of the SRAM brakes (image attached). Is this possible?

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Yes, very.
Flexibility of the cable and brake shoe material is questionable however.
Would consist of simply making the two main pieces as groups or components, and intersecting the two to the desired alignment, adding a hinge pin, or other similar fulcrum devices as needed to obtain proper function.

One could create a simple armature, add another corresponding with the desired final result;
Essentially all this is in theory is a clamp, with increased leverage similar to the function of a Vice Grip“ plier, except that it is self releasing, whereas the pliers must be manually unlocked, and that it is remotely operated via Cable, or Hydraulic in some cases.

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The extrude edges by rails plugin by Tig could be useful here
it allows for a simple form of spline modeling in sketchup.
Sketchup is not the ideal program for such organic shapes but it will do the job just not as easily as some others.

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