How to model fuselage Airframe?

I'm working on a new airplane model in Solidworks and trying to model longerons (made of Aluminum T- beam profile for example) and other structural components of the fuselage. I started with the Fuselage skin and the time to work on the structure has arrived. My problem is cause the longerons to follow the skin.
any suggestions for me? Anyone knows where can i find a tutorial for that? even a tutorial for other software than Solidworks (CATIA, NX, PRO/E and such on).

I tried some approaches but i'm not satisfied of the results.

What's the most popular CAD software for aerospace engineering?

Many thanks

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As for CAD programs there is DevFus which is designed to make fuselage for airframes, while I have heard really good things about it, and seen a demonstration, but I have never tried it,so i don't know if it is any good. Catina seems to also be a popular item as well since you could build a large aircraft with it.
As for to solve the current problem, you might try drawling straight off the skin to get the longerons to follow, perhaps go into the assembly and insert new part then use the skin as a base and create the longerons.
It might also help to look on grabcad and see if there is anything close to what you need, download that part and see how they did it by going through the model backwards.

Nice thing about solidworks is after it is built you can do a simulation study.

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