how to model grinder vice?

what are the features used in making that part?

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Some extruded boss/base and cuts for the main parts, The handles are best made with revolved boss/base. Then, to create the angled surface of part 6, use chamfer. To create the roundings on the edges of the parts, use a fillet.
Part 9 could be made by using a helix/spiral sketch and a normal sketch of a square, the plane of the normal sketch has to be perpendicular to the end of the helix/spiral line for the best result.
Then use the Swept Boss/Base (sweep) feature to create thread, by selecting the helix/spiral sketch as the "path" and the normal sketch as the "profile". (play with the orientation/twist type option under options if the result is a little distorted).
Good luck if you are still going to make this!

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