how to model hypoid gear box in solidworks 14.0?

how to model the spiral angle ?
how to mesh two hypoid gears?

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I have been modeling hypoid gears in SolidWorks since 2006. If you need a rough model you can do it all in SolidWorks using add subtract options. Model the gear and then roll the gear around the pinion blanks to cut the slot in small increments. The file becomes large but it is good enough for rough modeling like 3d printing or even CNC machining with following lapping.
If you need a high resolution 3d CAD model you need special software to generate tooth surfaces and you need to check the tooth contact pattern. I have developed these required programs and I have been modeling hypoids in 3d for auto sport for over 10 years. I have one example on my projects here. The software is complex and you need some gear experience to use it. This is why I often sale the 3d CAD models of hypoid for $600 per set. Because I have modeled so many for so long it is better to let me model your hypoid so you can get a better gear set.

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