How to model Involute Gear in Solidworks?

This is a tutorial about how to model an involute gear in solidworks... Steps can be followed in other 3D cad softwares..

How to model involute gear in Solidworks?

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How about to create involute curve by equation in SW?
in polar coordinate system:
θ=tg (α)-α
ρ=ρ/cos (α)?

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How to make Involute Spur Gear in Solid works 2010

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hi friend
i have u model a gear. (i am using solid works 2009),the above said EQUATION does not exist, can u clarify me how to use the equation in that.

thanks for ur tutorial.

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Im still not sure how you got the involute curve but here are the equations

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how do you tune the dimensions that say "dimension them as in the picture" ?

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All involute spline can be drawn in Autodesk Autocad Mechanical (content, shafts).

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