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How to model Iron man mask in Solidworks?

By Fredrik Krook on 23 Apr 22:23 2 answers 7240 views 2 comments

what tutorial is best to watch to learn how to do an Iron man mask? Is there any tutorial out allready? I cant find any. I think i need 3 pics of the helmet..? and put them in views and sketch from there. am i right?

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2 answers

  • gurudath
    gurudath over 4 years ago

    that's right you need to set the pics or blueprints should have a sound knowledge in surface.then trace the curves according to pics or blueprints of that matter.i done the same using catia.hope you can do it

  • Fredrik Krook
    Fredrik Krook over 4 years ago

    so i should practise surface modeling? i will try again, im very new with SW but i like it alot. And wanna learn to understand it better, learn to do basic stuff i can, but feels like i might have missed some of the basics anyway. dont know how to explain it :) but thanks for the fast comment

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