How to model liquid in a glass for rendering?

How do yo umodel liquid in a glass and have it render properly in keyshot? It seems I have to merge the liquid with the glass or there is a surface seperation between the two when I render. If you merge the two then you can't add a material seperately to the liquid. What's the trick?

(Solved with Wolf's help, and I think it came out pretty well in the first picture.)

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I've answered this question numerous times, try searching for 'liquid' in the Q&A.
You just need to make the liquid a tiny bit (0.1 mm for example) smaller or larger, nobody actually make it larger but if you want accuracy you need to make it larger (use Scale tool).
Important thing is to make sure that the outer surface of the liquid and the inner surface of the glass aren't occupying the same space.
I seem to have answered this yet again. ;)

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don't merge your liquid with the glass. keep your model as multibody. just watch your interference geometry. you can use scale feature to scale any of those two bodies to get it right in case you have complex geometry.

here is a good example by Drew Hauck
Wine Glass

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