How to model my product design in Solidworks?

I model my concept model in 3ds Max, but it doesnt have mush detail, I also dont know how to model inside of the clock.

You can check it here:

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Prvo odaberi pogon - ako ces mehanicki ima dosta modela i rjesenja, ako ces na elektriku e onda se moras malo igrati a moze biti i digitalan - tu prvo moras potrazit kakav displey upotrijebiti. Inace ja sat ne nosim otkad sam kupio mobitel a i mrzim ih jer te stalno podsjecaju da svakom sekundom postajes sve stariji i stariji , a vrijeme sve brze i brze prolazi kako postajes stariji!

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All three can be easily modeled using revolve bosses and or revolve surfaces. You will need to master all the basic modeling techniques and then learn to do projected sketches to cut into dome like structures through the use of tangent planes etc. All the basic skills you will need can be found on the many Youtube videos by searching Solidworks basic or beginner videos.
Somne of the best channels are Go-Engineer, Cadimensions, Innova Systems and others. You must put in some time and effort, but you will be rewarded quickly with good progress if you do.

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Hvala na odgovoru, vec sam nesto uradio u solidu :)

evo novih rendera

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