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IMPORTANT!!! This splitted tutorial is obsolete, so you are advised to look to the unique tutorial here (Since I posted a COMPLETE, unsplitted solution, I tried to delete this page, but I did not find the way to).

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In step 24 and step 25, The result of the extrude is very different from the tutorial. The flange in the middle of Solid 2. How do we get that?

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I want you to give me more details.

All you have to do is to create that work plane at -65 from the plane XZ, then the sketch with the centered Ø310 circle on the work plane. Apply the Extrude tool and select the circle. Select the option „To next” in the Shape tab of the dialog box, observing that the Solid2 is selected as the target solid, Then select the More tab and look to the picture 024. Type 3 in the Taper cell and click OK - the result would be the one illustrated in the picture 025.

Thank you!

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Sir, I am sorry to say that I am doing exactly as you described, but the flange in the middle of the solid 2 is not created. I am attaching a picture. This is the result of my extrude.

Answered with a tutorial:

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You are right again, Mohd. It's not about this extrusion, but the next one, which is missing. I shall correct the Tutorial right now. Thank you!

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OK, I finished by inserting a new 25 step and renumbering the steps in files: Centrifugal pump body - page 6_8.pdf, Centrifugal pump body - page 7_8.pdf and Centrifugal pump body - page 8_8.pdf.
Now you find a satisfactory combination of text/pictures.
Thank you Mohd.

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