How to model perfect looking model of this

I made a model of binoculars attached
But its not looking same , I tried to loft with different sketches, Since I am new to 3D modeling kindly guide me
Thanx in Advance

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you need surface models to cut the solid. draw that curve in a workplane in 2d then extrude but with a taper angle. then draw a straight line on a perpendicular plane and extrude the line such that the resulting surface intersects the first one. then trim the results, stich, and finally use cut with surface command.

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I modified the model in SW 2016, so it won't open in your 2015 release, but see if this parasolid model is closer to the desired shape. If so, I'll see if I can write a brief description.
I think it needs some more work to blend better, Another image showing the feature from a different angle is also included.

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