How to model physical contact in Solidworks?

So, I am currently in the process of modeling a ratched and Pawl system in solidworks, in which the pawl is attached to an arm that, when moving forward, causes the pawl to push the ratchet, and, when moving back, brings the pawl back until it falls in the next pit of the ratchet, and the cycle starts over.

However, I am required to animate it, and I cannot get the pawl to move like it does when I simulate the cycle using the "physical dynamics" option of "move component". Using the "physical contact" feature that comes with "solidworks motion" does not help either, as the pawl just swings freely in and out of the ratchet.

Please send help.

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i'm not an expert but i think you need to use ""mechanical mates"" and also i guess you miss mate some of your components. if its possible you can share files or pictures of your project... :)

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