how to model railway track in ansys adpl and workbench?

Am trying to analyse the fastening system, i would like to know the procedures to analyse it in ansys workbench especially the way to add element types in ansys workbench

2 Answers

I prefer workbench, for such analysis. All you need a model of track, with base as ground. Now fix the ground, and use bolt connection for specified bolt locking parameters. Then apply load, or moment on track. Don't forget to add contact system between track and ground.

thx for the answer. But am still have other question to ask. i want to put the wheel on rail and make it moving. can u assist by giving me the procedure with snapshot and which analysis system is better to analyse such system. Even how to set the speed to the wheel so that it can move along the the rail. and in that case how the rail clip will be modelled?