How to model retainer cage of ball bearing?

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Here are a few steps and the uploaded model: Bearing cage demo
Open the model and look at each step to see how it was done.

Answered with a tutorial:

Slightly more complicated (yet much more realistic) way to build a retainer cage <link>.
To build this model, i assumed, that:
- bearing inner diameter = 20 mm;
- bearing outer diameter = 40 mm;
- ball diameter = 6 mm;
- # of balls = 8;
- thickness of the retainer = 0.5 mm.
Besides, i decided to make it a multi-body part, but surely, it can be made like an assembly.
Also, the model is built with zero tolerances and without "cosmetic" elements (like fillets, chamfers, etc.), that should definitely present in real detail.
So, here is the procedure:

Answered with a tutorial:

Look in LIBRARY of some already constructed ball bearing, download it and look how it was done.

you should use circular pattern for this application

Circular Pattern

Create a path of the balls, then cut a diameter of balls (plus a gap) along the path. I haven't tried it, but it should work.

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