How to model Shower Head in Solidworks

Hi guys!

Could anyone please be kind and give me a hint on how to model this showerhead? I've tried with sweep but got no success, I really suck at it :-P

Any help is really really appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

5 Answers

you did not specify dimensions but see attached

Thanks for the very fast reply, I tried that, but the result can't be what I expect, i attach a personal try with a reference image wich is already sized to the real dimensions. I tried again makins a sweep with guided curves but can't do it.
If i just select the path and one guide curve, I get intersected geometry. Obviously I'm making (or not making) something wrong in here.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance once more!

maybe the dimensions you are using ae forming a self intersecting curve email me a copy of your file and i will take a look

Thanks for the reply dude!
As you said, yes... I got intersection.
Nevertheless, I managed to model the body with the Lofted/Boss Base feature. I'll still send you the file when I get into the office.
I really would like to know of this is possible with a sweep.
Thanks man!!!

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