How to model slideway ( twist guide for the aluminium cans) in SolidWorks.

My problem is to model slideway for empty cans. Main problem is in round bars.

I need to have good models of bars for CNC bending bars machine.

I tryied to use a combination of:

loft - when bars goes only in Radious
loft with twist along the path - when can is rotated along the path.

But it do not looks good- i obtain not smooth regular shape.

What operations i should use in solidworks to make it in the proffesional way.

The can inside do not may to stock- so the profile along the path shall be always the same.
I'm adding the pictures of oryginal guide which i must modydi for inner can.
and my test-sample creenshots with bad method of modeling(not smooth shape)

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3 Answers

Why don't you try using composite curve. After making the path that consists of several lines use composite
curve to create one path and than use the sweep.

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howzit gave it a bash
you can controle spline pretty well with sketch points
try this
you get vey good control

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Ok guys! Thanks a lot for your sugestions.
Finaly i did the smooth shape with "parrallel" bars among all the path with loft operation.
I lofted - Two round profliles and give the moddle path (3d sketch - splajn with only one point to control -which i fixed into auxiliary sketch, begining and the end tangent to existing bars.

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