How to model snail sink in SolidEdge/SolidWorks/Inventor?


How to model such thing in SolidEdge / SolidWorks / Inventor?

Any ideas?

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Create a helical sweep of the profile that you want and then go back and add the detail that you need. Hope this helps

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You need to model the top part. Rotate it while keeping the original and then scale it around the origin by say 95%. Repeat this process a lot until you reach the bottom. Here is the result:

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Sorry, but I don't think that is so simple... try and show me that works :)

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Brian is correct you have to start with a helical swept cut to get the initial profile. In SolidWorks, there is no easy way to create a pattern to create those steps. You would have to create them individually after creating the initial cut. I would create a boundary surface for the steps with two splines and then use a thickened cut to cut out each step.

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