How to model the attached parts.

I would like to know the most efficient way to model these in solidworks,

I tried working on the rear cover (cover sketch) by extruding boss then cutting the recesses but lost as to how to proceed.

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I've attached a couple pics to demonstrate what I talked about. To get that bevel, extrude the sketch you have up to it's final height. Which is about 3mm when measured off of the other model. Then using the original model, figure out your chamfer size and angle. It's approximately a 13.80mm x 30 degree chamfer. Then just pick the edges you want and click ok.

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I might suggest extruding the sketch you have started up to the final height and then applying a chamfer at the correct angle to get those downward slopes.Getting the fillets to match what is on the existing part will be the harder part.

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