how to model the flexible rubber cover for the gear lever?

i have to design the gear lever bottom rubber cover .... but when i am modelling that part its looking straight and gear lever is slightly bend but i cant make that rubber cover flexible with that lever is there is any option available??

and i can make the bended cover object but the drg for that rubber cover should be straight only then only i can clearly mention the section dimensions

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Try using sweep blend option..
1. Make an arc.
2. Take few points on the arc wherever necessary.
3. Then take planes at those pts on curve.
4. Draw different cross sections of cover on planes.
5. Then use sweep blend to join those sections with a solid.
6. Use Shell to make the part hollow. Your cover will now be ready.

I am telling you to use this method is because, if you change the radius of arc then the cover should automatically change...

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