how to model the intel cpu fan model e30307-001

how to model the twisted blade by using autodesk inventor?

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i guess you want to modeling a cpu fan. you can download the fam models and you can research how desingers models that in the model step by step .

if you cant find twisted blade you can search the "propellers". same design techiques using i guess.

good luck

I wan to model a cpu fan. But I do not know how to start. I do not know how to measure the dimensions of the fan and how the twisted angle blade form. Any idea on that?

if you dont know dimensions and if you havent any idea how to start modeling. you can download a simple propeler model from in grabcad. then you can research it step by step.

you will dont need dimensions first. feel free. and start to modeling it with your own dimensions.

good luck

Outboard Propeler

you can research it .

thx mr safal vural. You helped me a lot. Appreciated :)

im happy if i can help you Mr Shawn.

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