How to model the separation in car bodies?

Hello friends. I just wanted to know if anybody can help me out with the modeling of car body with separations as shown in the figure marked by red ovals. Software may be Catia or Solidworks.

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My suggestion is to make the model complete in one piece to get the correct contours and shapes, then cut the surfaces and build a 3-5mm gap. From what I have seen, this is how the automotive industry creates their body panels.

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Hello Abhijeet!
Kevin is right, first you need good quality surfaces. But two more things:
- the gap in the a-pillar is result of the BIW
- the gap of the door is a result of the rotaion of the door (shape) around the doors axis.

and .. Icemshape (V5R21)has special tools for constructing gaps.


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