How to model the tail of the fuselage


I've been trying to model the tail of the aircraft. But I get very bad. Best thing I did is in the picture (used loft). Can you give me some advice?

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I'd suggest this:
- Create two separata bodies, one for the lower part, and one for half of the upper region. They don't need to match, they can overlap each other
- Make the inlet into the upper part
- Mirror the upper part and combine the whole stuff back into a single body.

If you're with Inventor 2015, you could try the Freeform tools based on T-Splines, like in my attachment for Inventor 2015 (EOP needs to be moved down). In this case bear in mind, that T-Splines never produce geometrically exact sections like circles or ellipses. There's always some approximation in the game.


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