Ranjith Chandradharan

How to model these bottles in SolidWorks 2012?

Question by Ranjith Chandradharan

Can anybody upload SolidWorks 2012 models for the attached images of bottles? This is for my training purpose!

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1 Answer

Jim Cerul
Answered on 9 Jun, 2016 09:51 PM

For the first bottle, I would start off with a revolved part to get the outside shape. After the outside shape is defined, do an extrude cut thru the part to give a 'sharp' shape of the indents. then do a circular pattern of extrude cut to give you four instances of that cutout shape.
Fill the inside with a second revolve. Follow the inner revolve with a series of fillets, and I think you mostly have the shape you want for the first bottle.
The second bottle, I would start off with some lofts to get the basic shapes and then again break down the cutaways to get the final shape a little at a time.
I hope that helps.

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