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How to model this cremone ?

By Abd el wahab RCOM on 17 Mar 21:52 4 answers 1 comment

i want to model this cremone but as you can see in the photo attached i'm stuck at the circled part, it's a revolution + extrude, i've tried to model it but never succeed.
All i need is a tip or an example

Thank you

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4 answers

  • İbrahim Kesici
    İbrahim Kesici over 1 year ago

    You need use extrude with loft or extrude with boundry. You will draw in a sketch and then second. After these two you will use extrude with loft from one to other.This is the part 1(i noted in the picture). The second is that you will create a plane at bottom. In that plane create the part i noted as 2. The third will be drawn in the backplane of 1 and after that you can use linear pattern to do second of 2.(or you can use mirror but then you need a plane more)

  • Ciprian Langa
    Ciprian Langa over 1 year ago

    I made aproximative your region :)

    Solidworks 2012 version!


    example.SLDPRT, 492 KB

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