How to model this face mask

hello everyone, Im currently learning how to make face masks and helmets, but i have trouble in making this one, I hope someone can give me tips, or ways in order to make it and that way i can learn...thanks

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A model like this Sub Zero mask is open a a lot of interpretation. The view you provided helps a bunch, but really it is only about 20% of the information. If additional views from the side and top are available it reduces a lot of guessing, and can make for a better model. has a partial side view.

Have you checked out some of the existing models that are based on background images? My Skyrim helmet is based on sketches, reviewing it may give you a few ideas on how to start: Skyrim Helmet (Yngol)
The mask model will rely on good techniques and your ability to create 2D sketches.
Have you already tried to create this model? If you upload your file, I'm sure you'll get suggestions on how to continue making progress.

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