How to model this in solidworks?

Hi. I am new to solidworks modeling. Can someone show me ho can I model this brush in solidworks. No need to model hairs only body.

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Ultimately it will most likely come down to someone modeling the handle. Then you'd be able to scroll through the feature tree to learn how it was created.

To insure you'd be able to view the resulting file, what version of SolidWorks are you using?

This is not really a great model for a new user to try and create. It's not "impossible", but it is most likely going to use lofts, sweeps, splines, and surfacing commands... Again, all possible for a new user, but not the best place to start.

Have you already made some attempts to create the shape? Uploading your existing files will give us an idea of where you are getting stuck, and also "prove" to everyone that you've put some thought and effort into the model/request.

Looking through the library here I noticed a distinct lack of paint brushes, so I made one. If you have solidworks 2016 (or newer), you can review the feature tree.
Paint Brush 2" 58mm

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Hi I WANT TO draw a radiator in ansys software for this i need a geometry of elliptical shape tube of no.

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To Fredswug:
Large-scale production generally proceeds with simple material removal such as fillets or large curves with large knives to minimize the number of operations.
A brush is a usual object that must obey these instructions.
In my opinion a brush should have slightly flat faces to handle them firmly. The only advantage of a round brush is that it can be rotated very quickly in his hands to clean it!

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