How to model this pouch easy way

How can I model this pouch with ease and fast. Since I am new Kindly guide me the best mthod.

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I've commented on the previous question from you. Here's how:
- First draw several sketches (using top planes 3 or 5)
- Leave space between each plane (depending on the number of planes you're gonna use to get the exact shape as on the image).
- Use loft tool to get the shape
- Use shell tool to cut the inside solid material (the "mm" distance in the shell tool is the distance between the surfaces, the thickness of the wall)
- Use sweep tool to make the rounding edge which is at the front side of the product (the "line").
- Use freeform to modify the surfaces (front and back) according to the image
- Then apply any necessary fillets

That's for Solidworks. But 3Ds Max is much easier.

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