How to model Turbine Rotor in Solidworks?

This is a tutorial how to model
Turbine Rotor by Nelson Brazeau

source of model in this link :
Turbine Rotor

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i want to create the same, but by step 11, i want to use for the Blade the NACA-point. Can you help me to set this?

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I made a turbojet engine main fan in pro engineer a couple of days back, the process is quite simple if u are comfortable using proE . All you have to do is just follow these simple steps:-
I will divide the entire process in two steps.
First step is to creat a section file for the aerofoil design based on NACA shapes. you can get co-ordinates of the aerofoil from internet, there is a seperate video on youtube that teaches where to get those co-ordinates from and how to make a section file with that co-ordinates. It will give u a nice aerofoil shape. Now do save this file.

Second step
1. Open a new part file.
2. Select righ hand side view plane and creat the smooth conical hub, on which you will mount your fan blades, using revolve feature.
3. Now once you have the conical hub, select the RHSV plane again and go to
Sketch> data from file> file system, now select the aerofoil section file that you have saved.
4. Drag and position the sketch, adjust the scale and angle of rotation.
5. Creat few datum planes with successive increment and repeat step 3 and 4 for each datum plane.
6. Now go to insert> blend, choose the attributes as per requirement, select RHSV when it asks for plane. then it asks to define the section, select use edge option from the sketching tool menu bar(it is the menu bar on right side of screen). click on the upper curve then lower curve then right click on the screen select toggle section, again select use edge and click on upper and then lower curves of ssketch on first datum plane. Repeat the procedure till last sketch on last datum and then click on the blue tick mark on bottom of sketching tool menu bar.
7. When it asks for depth for sections enter depth which is the distance between the adjescent datum planes.
8. Click on preview, if it seems fine click on ok.
9. Now select the protuded blade and go to insert> pattern. Use the axis method and select number of blades and then give angle between two blades. Click on green tick mark just above the sketching tool menu bar. And there u have you main fan.
It should look like pictures that i have attached

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