How to model twisted sheet metal elements in SOLIDWORKS?

Hello all,

I have to model such an element as shown on photo.
Nowadays we simply get laser cuted flat part and our locksmiths twist it manually, but we are increasing production volume and I would like to order it from supplier. To do so I need proper model and drawing.

I've tried with sheet metal module, but I can't find any suitable tool for modeling it. Maybe extrude along profiles? But then I won't be able to flaten this part.

Another option is simply to redesign this part, but I would like to avoid it.

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards.

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Without getting into the sheet metal module, first model each flat portion, and then 'loft' between them, using 'normal to profile' for the start/end constraints.

After that, you can select one of the flat surfaces and 'insert bends' to convert it to a sheet metal part, but as you've noted, it won't flatten.

Still, this should be close enough to at least engage a supplier and communicate your design intent, I haven't yet had one of them require a flat pattern, they usually want to make their own.

Good luck!

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Thank you so much!
I have a nice model and drawing now.
Best Regards.

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Il est possible de mettre une "surface mise à plat" de votre modèle pour le "dépli. Disponible à partir de SW 2015. Ne pas oublier de coudres les 3 faces...les 2 faces plates et celle qui est "lissée".

clic picture to enlarge it

It is possible to put a "flattened area" of your model for the "unfolding. Available from SW 2015. Do not forget to knit the 3 surfaces. 2 flat and the "lofted" one.

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